Leon Duniec

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Leon Duniec

born 1965 Tegelen


The Netherlands

2004 - 2009 Academy visual art Maastricht Fine Art  


Candidate member of the Dutch society for sculptors NKVB

Work in collections
2004 at present Various works in private collections

Short text to my work

Main point of the objects, installations and sculptures are mostly
everyday industrial forms.
They are everyday forms with which I am surrounded or be in contact with.
It are frequently angular forms that has also architectonically home areas.
What intrigue me to these forms is frequently the openings, within spaces, passages, between spaces and the spaces surround.
The objects and installations have not been made to an idea in advance;
I like the artistic freedom that the objects can generate.
I do not want that the idea imposes restrictions and conditions with respect to the spaces which I make.
For me is important that the process remains open.
From the openings, which I discover in the everyday forms I develop new spaces, passages and within spaces.
All with their own, technique, composition and perception.