Leon Duniec


het raam

Artists Initiative Het Raam in Venlo show currently geometric shapes of the Dutch artist Leon Duniec.
They create strange effects in perception.
Artists Initiative Het Raam in The separation between 'inside' and 'outside' even disappears.
The entire project consists of two three-dimensional objects of six planes, and some drawings of similar figures. Leon Duniec plays with the perspective of the viewer, both inside and outside. "Who from a certain point on the street looking at the objects, will find that the physical window in the perception disappears. The interior opens to become part of public space. "
Within yet other effects arise. "You can order through the plant and walk around and look and see a mixed picture of perspective lines and planes. Especially when you're the one figure to another look, or the drawings on the wall. It is as if the objects are in a dialogue with each other. " Leon Duniec are often inspired by everyday industrial forms. Angular forms above, also architectural interfaces, such as speakers, cargo containers, ventilation and mailboxes. "What intrigues me to this are the openings, interior spaces, passages, gaps and spaces around it. In my imagination I move me into the inner space of these forms, and then discover new stand alone items with new rooms, corridors and outdoor spaces. "so it creates to his independent rooms, with their own texture, materials and experience, which no longer the original form or functionality to do. Information about the artist can be found at www.leonduniec.com.

The exhibition runs until July 11 and from the street day and night to visit.
The project Space Het Raam on the Bolwaterstraat 26, Venlo, Netherlands